Making Fair Comparisons

July 18, 2014

I visit numerous forums, sites, etc. and I’ve gotten into this particular argument several times. In the interest of laying out my thoughts in a more organized manner (and without worrying about language and space constraints), I am going to outline the basic problem that most people run into when comparing the racials (both current and revised for WoD).

The most common viewpoint expressed for why Every Man For Himself (commonly abbreviated as EMFH) is unfair is that it “gives you a free trinket.” The complainer then compares the EMFH racial plus a DPS trinket to half the PVP trinket. No, seriously. Somehow, they manage to ignore the PVP stats on the PVP trinket (generally PVP power and/or resilience) *and* forget that they also get a racial in addition to the trinket. So, yeah, when you compare it that way  (A/2) < (A+B), but then that’s not really a surprise, because it’s a skewed comparison.

When you make a true apples to apples comparison, and compare the full PVP trinket plus a Horde racial (such as Berserking or Blood Fury) to EMFH plus a PVE dps trinket, you’ll notice that the numbers are a heck of a lot closer to balanced in the current game, especially considering that PVE gear is nerfed in instanced PVP, now. Blizzard is also actively balancing new gear with this racial formula in mind in WoD, so the gap should be even closer in the expansion (if there even is one).

First Impressions from the Beta

July 17, 2014

I had to go to a friend’s house to use their internet (which is about 50 times faster than mine) , but I got the WoD Beta all downloaded and installed successfully. I only got about half an hour to play around on it but my initial impressions are positive.

I like the “halo” effect that surrounds interact-able objects when you mouse-over it. I like the stat-swapping gear. I love the new quest interface/ UI changes. I like the new models, they look very sharp. I’m still not sold on the no flying, though. I can’t wait to dive back in and get some more in-depth experience with the changes.

The Nasty Business of Selling Things

July 6, 2014

I hate the economics part of the game. I just really don’t have the heart for it.

I put a Sky Golem up on the AH for 17.5K gold starting price, 20K buyout. Somebody whispers me wanting it for 10K. I politely apologize, but point out that I can easily sell the mats for 12K or more. I’m not going to lose money on the transaction. I tell them I can go as low as 15K. That’s already being pretty generous in my book (a 25% discount off the buyout). They claim they already bought one for 10K and they don’t have 15K left, but they’ll go 12. I once again apologize, but point out that selling the item at cost means that I make no profit off the item. Not one cent for a month worth of CDs. What’s more, that’s a month of CDs on not one, but two professions (Alchemy and Engineering). So I end up just logging off because they’re laying on the guilt trip pretty thick.

The thing is, even assuming her story is true,  I’m under no obligation to lose money just because somebody else did. Yet here I am, feeling like a shithead because we can’t come to terms. I honestly want to help her get her mount, but the price she’s asking is just way too low. I mean, I’d rather give it to my nephew than sell it at cost (or at a loss). Anyway, I hate how the people in the game always find some way to make you feel like a heel for trying to get fair market value on the AH.


UPDATE: Looks like my instincts were right. Somebody put one up for an 18K buyout (undercut me by 2K) and moments later, the person in question has stopped asking to buy one and now she’s hovering near the AH in one. Guess she should have gone 15K when I asked.

Musings from the Proving Grounds

June 28, 2014

It’s sort of amazing how much disparity there is between classes, or even between specs of the same class, when it comes to the Proving Grounds. I’ve been taking a run at finishing off at least some of my missing specs/classes for the Proving Grounds Project and it’s popped up frequently.

Shadow Priests are simply terrible for solo work, and that includes the proving grounds. 45-second CD on its only interrupt? No burst DPS CD? Crappy CC options? They could not possibly have even tried to balance it against other classes. The spec is just pure garbage.

Fire is my main mage spec, and I consider myself to be more skilled at it, but I’ve been stymied on the Gold level achievement. A big part of it is that Fire is heavily gear-dependent (you need massive amounts of crit to make it viable) and of course proving grounds neuters your gear. Meanwhile, Frost is an off-spec that I picked up mostly just to do the Proving Grounds and despite having virtually no experience with it, I breezed right through Gold because Frozen Orb trivializes every other wave. Comparatively speaking, Frost has more burst, more damage, and more control compared to Fire (it also has better survivability,although that’s a non-issue in proving grounds). Just… why, Blizz?

I haven’t made any headway with my Holy Priest or Holy Pally in getting Gold level achievements. It’s not a matter of knowing the fights, either. I’m deep into Endless waves on both my Resto Druid and Resto Shaman.

New Projects

June 24, 2014

So with the green fire quest out of the way, I’m working on clearing out other stuff from my to-do list. I’ll probably be hitting the proving grounds pretty heavily. I still want to get as many of the classes/specs done on gold as I can manage. I finished up 2 more tonight for a total of 7/11 classes done on gold now. I’ll also be working towards getting as many of the 3 titles as I can. I really want Proven Healer, especially.

Also on the list:

  • farming up the bones for the white raptor
  • getting my monk alt for Askevar’s guild up to 90
  • Challenge Modes (still haven’t even got to attempt these – SAD PANDA)
  • achievements, old and new
  • Brawler’s Guild. A pox on you, Hexos!
  • work on pet crap (leveling, collecting, rarifying)


June 23, 2014

I decided to try a few more times before turning in and I actually pulled it off.

Hurray for green fire, the title, and the Feat of Strength (the latter 2 of which I assume are coming later, since I did not get them).

For the record, now that it’s done (and I’m insanely happy), I still think that the fight was ridiculously hard.








Green Fire Update

June 23, 2014

Got a few more upgrades and began using Drums of Rage (fake Heroism) and Drums of Forgotten Kings (fake Blessing of Kings). These have helped greatly. I am now getting him down below 10% on good attempts, with my best being 7%. The fight ends at ~1% so I’m really getting close. I’m feeling pretty confident that I can get it down soon, but unfortunately a stomach virus has limited my attempts today (hard to focus when you have to keep running AFK). I might have a chance to give it a go after work tomorrow, but who knows. I’d very much like to get it down before the reset, but I don’t think I’m quite out of time yet. Anyway, wish me luck.


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