Most of these macros are set up for use with Healbot. If you are not a Healbot user and you wish to use these macros on a toolbar, you can usually just remove the Healbot targeting portion of the macro and it should function properly when you click the button or press its keybind. The part that needs to be removed is in brackets: [target=hbtarget]. Just remove everything inside of (and including) the brackets and you should be good to go. Unfortunately, this method does not always work. If a macro does not work with this method, you will have to find a new macro that does what you want.

Among the common macros you will find below are panic buttons and rescue buttons. For the purposes of this blog, a Panic Button is something you press in an emergency: almost always an instant-cast large heal. It’s the button you press when you think “Oh, crap! I’m about to lose someone.”

For the purposes of this blog, a Rescue Button is a panic button for tanks: the button you press when something is heading toward your healer or a mob is running amok and you need to get it back. Unfortunately, Rescue Buttons are not foolproof. They can come in quite handy, but are no replacement for paying attention, quick reflexes, and manual targeting. How it works is that you cast the macro at a friendly target and it taunts whatever that person is targeting, as long as it is hostile. This means that if the person is attacking the wrong target and pulled a mob from you, it will pull it right back. Unfortunately, if that person has pulled aggro on something he is not currently targeting, the macro will taunt the wrong mob and you will have just wasted your taunt CD.

General Purpose Macros

Macros by class:

Death Knight












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