Lorewalker Cho


Type: Flying (takes extra damage from Magic-type attacks)

HP: 1,600

Power: 281

Speed: 394


  • Peck (100% hit chance, 264 damage; strong vs. aquatic, weak vs. dragon)
  • Wild Magic (enemy debuff: increases the damage dealt by every attack against the target by 66 damage; strong vs. flying, weak vs. mechanical)
  • Rip (100% hit chance, 184 damage, bleed debuff:  +66 damage per round; strong vs. critter, weak vs. flying)


Type: Magic (takes extra damage from Dragon-type attacks)

HP: 2,209

Power: 300

Speed: 253


  • Broom (95% hit chance, 308 damage; strong vs. dragonkin, weak vs. beast)
  • Tranquility (restores 140 health per round for 2 rounds)
  • Clean Up (85% hit chance, 3-round CD, 420 damage and removes all objects from the field; strong vs. flying, weak vs. mechanical)


Type: Dragonkin (takes extra damage from Humanoid-type attacks)

HP: 1,600

Power: 431

Speed: 244


  • Tail Sweep (95% Hit Chance, deals 354 damage + 137 damage if you attack last, Dragon: strong vs. magic, weak vs. undead)
  • Amplify Magic (increases the damage dealt by your active pet for 2 rounds)
  • Solar Beam (788 damage +394 damage in Sunlight, Elemental: strong vs. mechanical, weak vs. critter)



 Spider Swarm


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