Challenge Mode Golds

I managed to PUG my way through Challenge Mode Golds in just 3 days. Whew! That was tough, but also fun, and now I have those sweet, sweet transmogs.


CM Autopsy SMBG

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot…

Grats, Braydenn!!!

We went into SMBG on a mission: to kick butts and take names. We may have been too busy kicking butts to worry about the names. This was the only remaining challenge mode that had me at all worried, because it gave us so much trouble with the last group. Man, what a different experience this was. I won’t say it was a completely clean run, but we zipped through with a minimal of trouble. Between a different composition, a different route, and picking up a few new tricks (not to mention good old fashioned experience) we really did a very nice job in our final week.

Congratulations and well done, Angels. Great work. It was a lot of work and a lot of frustration, but mostly a lot of fun.

Here’s the official “All 5 of Us” screenshot to commemorate the occasion:

CM Mounts


More CM Prep

Earlier I had posted some links to some useful spread sheets.


And here:

Now I’ve stumbled across a handy wowhead guide that gives much of the same information in a nicer, neater way. This information is very handy for shaman, death knight, and hunter players.  Fortunately we have all 3.

Sorry to add to your reading list, guys, but I think this will prove to be invaluable info. 🙂

Iron Docks Prep

We have 3 dungeons left. Our goal this week is to get through 2 (Iron Docks and Auchindoun).

Watch these videos:

Iron Docks:


We will be at Iron Docks first. I’m hoping we’ll get through that one before our midway bio break.

These may be the easier ones but that doesn’t mean we can relax and coast through. A big portion of our problem last week was unpreparedness. Fortunately, we can fix that. Watch my blog for updates. Watch the videos at least once (even if only to refresh your memory). If you don’t remember how we did something last time, ask me. If you don’t know the mechanics, ask me. If you’re confused about something, ask me. There’s no reason that we can’t get both of these down next week if we play to our full potential. We CAN do this, guys.

Everbloom Autopsy

Great work, Angels, we downed the Everbloom and 4 of us claimed our mounts. Sadly, our hunter joined us halfway through our journey so he has to wait to get his. The preview we got last week helped us out greatly, I think. We did hit a bit of a stumbling block on Protectors but after a few quick adjustments we nabbed our kill. As per usual, we were cutting it right down to the wire, but hey, that just makes the victory that much sweeter.

Once again, great work, everyone, and I’ll see you for our runs next week.

Our goal is to get through Grimrail Depot and possibly Auchindoun. Please be familiar with Iron Docks, as well, just in case we somehow manage to steamroll through both of those.

Video Links:



Iron Docks:

We should be in better shape than last time because of familiarity (for most of us), and a better group composition. That being said, the old prep and autopsy posts are still up if you wish to review them.