VonFeasel Dino-Might

Daily Quest: Christoph VonFeasel


Christoph has a unique selection of pets that can cause trouble if not handled quickly. They have a combination of blocks, absorbs, and strong attacks that can counter many of the more basic strategies one would employ against him. That said, a soft counter strategy is enough to handle them.

My lineup:

Zandalari Kneebiter (s/s) (Hunting Party, Black Claw, Bloodfang)

Pet Bombling (h/s) (Zap, Minefield, Explode)

Darkmoon Tonk (Missile, Shock & Awe, Ion Cannon)

Note: I mention breed on the first two pets for this comp because going first is important. Other breeds may or may not work. Check that your speed is higher than the trainer pet’s. You can use literally any mechanical for the 3rd pet. Otto will be nearly dead between Minefield and Explode.

My Strategy:

Start with the Kneebiter.

  1. Bloodfang.
  2. Black Claw.
  3. Hunting Party.
  4. Hunting Party continues. This should kill Syd.
  5. Black Claw.
  6. Bloodfang.
  7. Black Claw. Your Kneebiter should die at this point. Bring in your Bombling.
  8. Minefield. (Mr. Pointy’s Trihorn Shield should fade at this point.)
  9. Zap.
  10. Zap.
  11. Zap. Mr. Pointy should die at this point. Minefield will hit Otto as he swaps in.
  12. Zap. Your Bombling should die at this point, triggering your Failsafe rez.
  13. Explode. This will kill your Bombling. Otto should be nearly dead. Bring in your Tonk.
  14. Finish Him!!!*

*I used Shock & Awe, but any mechanical attack would have finished him off.


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