Eleanor is an undead Goat.


Type: Undead (takes extra damage from Critter-type attacks)

HP: 1,997

Power: 484

Speed: 310

Bonus Abilities:

Boss (Reduces all damage taken by 50%, cannot take more than 35% HP in single attack.)

Unnatural Appetite (restores 176 HP on successful attack.)


Chomp (100% hit chance, 388-720 damage; strong vs. undead, weak vs. humanoid)

Rot (100% hit chance, 3-round CD, 630 damage and transforms enemy into undead for 5 rounds; strong vs. humanoid, weak vs. aquatic)

Death Blast (100% hit chance, 2-round ability, 8-round CD, Charges up during first round, 2520 damage on second round; strong vs. humanoid, weak vs. aquatic)

Basic Tips:

  • Death Blast is your basic Deep Breath attack, converted to do Undead damage instead of Dragon. It *will* 1-shot your pet if you don’t counter it in some way.
  • Rot converts your pet to an undead, meaning it will take extra damage from Eleanor’s basic Chomp attack. This, too, should be countered if possible.
  • The Boss ability means that one-shot abilities (Meteor) will not kill the pet unless it is already at or below 35% HP.
  • The combination of Boss and a strong self-heal means that Eleanor has excellent survivability. You’ll need to use hard-hitting attacks as often as possible to chip away at her HP.
  • Don’t be caught unaware by her Undead round. The extra round can be devastating if you’re caught flat-footed.
  • Eleanor is exceptionally fast with 310 speed. If possible, use pets that are faster (and deal Critter damage) to help you dictate the terms of the match.


Super Bunny!

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