Shademaster Kiryn

Kiryn fields the following pets, with the following attacks:


Type: Humanoid (takes extra damage from Undead-type attacks)

HP: 2,256

Power: 300

Speed: 244


  • Nairn! (100% hit chance, 240 damage, +80 per use, max 400 damage; strong vs. undead, weak vs. humanoid)
  • Call of Winter (100% hit chance, 3 round CD, 144 damage to all enemies and chills all enemies; strong vs. mechanical, weak vs. critter)
  • Giant’s Blood (3 round CD, 352 healing and increases user’s damage dealt by 25% for 3 rounds)


Type: Mechanical (takes extra damage from Elemental-type attacks)

HP: 1,600

Power: 413

Speed: 272


  • Batter (100% hit chance, 1-2 attacks of 216 damage each +1 attack if first; strong vs. beast, weak vs. elemental)
  • Call Lightning (100% hit chance, 5 round CD, 541 damage and changes weather to Lightning Storm*; strong vs. beast, weak vs. elemental)
  • Build Turret (100% hit chance, 2-round CD, Builds a turret that deals 194 damage each round split among 3 attacks; strong vs. beast, weak vs. elemental)
  • *Weather: Lightning Storm (All pets deal an additional 43 mechanical damage on each attack. Mechanical abilities deal 25% more damage.)


Type: Beast (takes extra damage from Mechanical-type attacks)

HP: 1,577

Power: 295

Speed: 384


  • Bite (100% hit chance, 276 damage; strong vs. critter, weak vs. flying)
  • Dodge (increases chance to dodge by 100% for 1 round)
  • Prowl (reduces speed by 30%, but increases the damage of your next attack by 150%)


“Sloppy Joes” Strategy

“Not-So-Sloppy Joes” (Revised) Strategy


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