Celestial Tournament – Shademaster Kiryn

Shademaster Kiryn

“Sloppy Joes” (First Look)

Author’s Note: I wasn’t ever happy with how this team panned out, so I’m still looking for a better pet to match up against Nairn. Although I do have a large collection of max-level pets (100+ and climbing daily), there are some holes in it; I have a very limited selection of magic, undead, and humanoids. Some of those (magic and humanoids) might have been very helpful against Nairn. On paper, Lesser Voidcaller looked like it would be very good against Nairn, because he’s a non-undead with Undead attacks. Unfortunately, he’s a lynchpin in one of my other teams, so I avoided building a strat around him. If I get a few more pets with Curse of Doom leveled, maybe I can check that out.

The Shale Hatchling in slot 2 is a keeper. His Stoneskin buff negates the turret damage completely and his healing is good enough to outlast Stormoen’s Batter attacks. If my first pet survived long enough to eat Stormoen’s first attack, the Shale Hatchling was an all-star. If not, it was still capable of outlasting Stormoen at least until its death. Despite all of that, it’s not your only option. An elemental with a wave attack (such as Tidal Wave or Magma Wave) can clear out the turrets, which wastes a lot of Stormoen’s rounds.

For the mechanical pet, I found that Overtune, and Ion Cannon were a must. There may be another mech that can deliver that combination, but I used Menagerie Custodian. If I can find something better to fill out slot 1, Overtune may not be necessary, but I needed it to ensure I had the first attack after my mechanical rez so I could Ion Cannon to finish off Summer, otherwise he killed me first.

With all of that being said, this strategy did work, but it was often messy and always close. I’ll keep trying to improve the team against her. Nairn is so important because playing from behind is obviously much harder than playing ahead, even if you have the right matchups. In the meantime, this one should work, even if she gets off a bunch of lucky crits (which she seems to do with great frequency).

My Lineup:

Spider* (Poison Spit, Brittle Webbing, Leech Life)

Crimson Shale Hatchling (Leech Life, Sticky Webbing, Stoneskin)

Menagerie Custodian (Overtune, Shock and Awe, Ion Cannon)

*The type of spider didn’t matter much, so long as it had Brittle Webbing. I found a Power-heavy breed to be slightly better than a speed spider, but all breeds came down to an RNG crapshoot. The spider will kill Nairn, but how much (if any) HP it will have left when Nairn dies is anybody’s guess.


Her Lineup:

Nairn (Nairn!, Call of Winter, Giant’s Blood)

Stormoen (Build Turret, Call Lightning, Batter)

Summer (Bite, Dodge, Prowl)

My Strategy:

Start off with your Spider

  1. Use and keep up Brittle Webbing
  2. Use Leech Life on CD
  3. Use Poison Spit whenever you don’t need to use one of the other two.
  4. If your spider survives long enough to face Stormoen for a round, use Brittle Webbing.

Bring in your Shale Hatchling

  1. Use and keep up Stoneskin
  2. Use Leech Life on CD
  3. Use and Keep up Sticky Webbing to double your healing.*
  4. Repeat until somebody dies.
  5. If your Hatchling survives until Summer comes in, continue the same rotation until your Hatchling dies.
  • *The Brittle Webbing from the Spider will count for your Hatchling, too, so if it’s up don’t jump the gun and overwrite it with Sticky Webbing until round 3 against Stormeon.

Bring in your Menagerie Custodian

  1. Use Overtune. This should apply the speed buff even though Dodge will make the attack miss.
  2. Use Overtune again. Because he goes first, Summer gets to dodge two attacks.
  3. Use Shock & Awe. You will probably die at this point. If not, hit Overtune again.
  4. Once your mech dies, use your failsafe to cast Ion Cannon, You should go first thanks to Overtune.

So there it is. It’s sloppy, but functional. I don’t like close calls or RNG wins, so I’ll keep working to clean it up a bit. More reliable is always better.


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