Opening the Menagerie: Gorefu

“Death by 1,000 Feathers”

We’re going to use a steady stream of small flying attacks to cut Gorefu into little aquatic ribbons before moving in for the kill with Predatory Strike.

My lineup:

Crow (p/s) (Squawk, Peck, Murder)

Brilliant Kaliri (p/b) (Quills, Shriek, Predatory Strike)

Cenarion Hatchling (b/b) (Quills, Screech, Lift Off)

Note: I don’t know that breed matters, but this is what I used.

My Strategy:

Start with the Crow.

  1. Squawk.
  2. Murder. (Round 1/3)
  3. Murder. (Round 2/3)
  4. Murder. (Round 3/3)
  5. Peck. (Your Crow should die here.) Bring in your Kaliri.
  6. Is Gorefu in Execute Range? Yes: Predatory Strike. No: Quills.* Repeat until Gorefu is dead.


  • Gorefu caps out at taking 657 damage in one attack. This is your Execute Range for step 6.
  • Murder is the same as Flock (a much more common ability).
  • Most of these pets have cheap/easy analogs. Look for chickens/turkeys to replace the crow, owls to replace the kaliri, and any strong flying pet as backup in slot 3 (moths are quite common).

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