The gigantic riverwallower calf, Gorefu, is an Aquatic-type pet.


Type: Aquatic (takes extra damage from Flying-type attacks)

HP: 1,877

Power: 496

Speed: 240

Bonus Abilities:

Boss (Reduces all damage taken by 50%, cannot take more than 35% HP in single attack.)


Deep Bite (100% hit chance, 258 damage, damage increases by 129 on each attack to a maximum of 774 damage; strong vs. elemental, weak vs. magic)

Mudslide (100% hit chance, 4-round CD, 774 damage and changes weather to Muddy Weather {any pet that swaps in is rooted for 3 rounds}; strong vs. undead, weak vs. humanoid)

Feed (100% hit chance, 4-round CD, 516 damage, user is healed for 100% of damage done; strong vs. critter, weak vs. flying)

Basic Tips:

  • The Boss ability means that one-shot abilities (Meteor) will not kill the pet unless it is already at or below 35% HP.
  • Gorefu heals with Feed. Use some type of avoidance or a Flying pet to negate/minimize healing.
  • Critters are immune to to the root effect from Mudslide, but are still a poor choice unless you can use an ability to avoid Feed.


Death by 1,000 Feathers

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