Dr. Ion Goldbloom

Goldbloom fields the following pets, with the following attacks:


Type: Flying (takes extra damage from Magic-type attacks)

HP: 1,600

Power: 422

Speed: 253 (380)


  • Alpha Strike (95% Hit Chance, deals 331 damage + 221 damage if attacking first; strong vs. magic, weak vs. undead)
  • Feign Death (8-round CD, dodges the next attack and swaps with the highest health ally)
  • Lift-Off (2-round ability, 4-round CD, 773 damage; strong vs. mechanical, weak vs. critter)


Type: Beast (takes extra damage from Mechanical-type attacks)

HP: 2,163

Power: 314

Speed: 248


  • Bite (100% hit chance, 292 damage; strong vs. critter, weak vs. flying)
  • Adrenaline Rush (100% hit chance, 146 damage and increases speed by 75% for 3 rounds; strong vs. undead, weak vs. humanoid)
  • Horn Attack (95% hit chance, 1-round CD, 321 damage, 50% chance to stun for remainder of round if user goes first; strong vs. critter, weak vs. flying)


Type: Magic (takes extra damage from Dragon-type attacks)

HP: 1,600

Power: 281

Speed: 394


  • Logic (100% hit chance, 1-round CD, 303 damage; strong vs. dragonkin, weak vs. beast)
  • Uncertainty (3-round CD; team buff: increases critical strike chance by 50%, but decreases hit chance by 25%)
  • Instability (50% hit chance, 1-round CD, 659 damage; strong vs. magic, weak vs. undead)


Mine Field

Smoke and Mirrors




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