Pet Menagerie

Daily Elite Pet Challenges

Each day, your Pet Menagerie will have some elite challengers for you to fight. There seems to be a fixed order to the pets, rather than random. The team names are mostly cutesy names that I made up myself, but the pets’ actual names appear in parentheses afterward.


Tirs & Fireo

The Gorens (Rockbiter, Stonechewer, & Acidtooth)

Quintessence of Light

The Trons (Blingtron 4999b, Protectron 022481, & Protectron 011803)

Stitches Jr.

The Blueberries (Manos, Hanos, & Phatos)

Squirt (Deebs, Tyri, & Puzzle)

The Boars (Brutus & Rukus)

The Leftovers (Mr. Terrible, Carroteye, & Slopus)

The Beakinator

The Podlings (King Floret & Queen Floret)

The Gronnlings (Kromli & Gromli)

The Insects (Grubbles, Scrags, and Stings)

The Birds (Archimedes, Samm, & Jahan)






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