The gigantic rat, Gnawface, is a Critter-type pet.


Type: Critter (takes extra damage from Beast-type attacks)

HP: 1,691

Power: 536

Speed: 268

Bonus Abilities:

Boss (Reduces all damage taken by 50%, cannot take more than 35% HP in single attack.)


Sneak Attack (100% hit chance, 472 damage, additional 84 damage if target is Blinded; strong vs. undead, weak vs. humanoid)

Comeback (100% hit chance, 417 damage, additional 278 damage if user has lower HP than the target; strong vs. undead, weak vs. humanoid)

Call Darkness (100% hit chance, 5-round CD, 834 damage and changes weather to Darkness {-10% accuracy for all pets, -50% healing for all pets, all pets are considered Blinded}; strong vs. dragonkin, weak vs. beast)

Basic Tips:

  • The Boss ability means that one-shot abilities (Meteor) will not kill the pet unless it is already at or below 35% HP.
  • Gnawface is pretty straightforward. He doesn’t heal and has no avoidance other than the 10% miss chance from Darkness. He’s a simple DPS race.
  • You can use a Humanoid-type pet that deals Beast-type attacks in slots 2 and/or 3 if you wish, but standard Beast-type pets will work just fine.


The Fox and the Hound

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