This blog’s author, better known to his friends as simply “Soul” or “Sal” on Thorium Brotherhood, or “Spigot” or “Heathen” on Staghelm, has been playing World of Warcraft since about the beginning of October 2008. During that time, he has played a character of every class to level cap, and tried his hand at all three primary roles (he likes healing best).

For more information about his toons, please see this page: The Soul Asylum or click on the Characters tab at the top of the blog.

For more information about the game’s lingo, please see this page: A Wow Pocket Dictionary.


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  1. Hello Soulflame,

    Sphmudby here. I really like your “Proving Grounds DPS Silver Guide (Fire Mage)” YouTube video. Kudos re your ability to clearly explain things.

    Have you by chance created a video describing your addons or is there anywhere on your blog describing which addons you use and why? If not, is that something you could post? I know it would help me a ton.

    For example, I’ve always had trouble identifying when an enemy begins casting a spell which I could interrupt or steal. However, I noticed in your video an alert bar which “flys down” from the right to the center of your screen. I would love to have something like that.

    Many thanks and happy hunting!


    • I don’t currently have a video describing my add-ons, but it has been frequently requested. I may have to take a look and see if I can’t make something along those lines, but it will probably take awhile.

      • Thanks for the quick reply and for considering my request.

        Would you mind at least replying with just the name of the one addon I referenced above (ie that notifies you when you should interrupt the heal in stage 5/8)?

        I don’t know why but I have trouble seeing when that occurs.

        Thanks again.

      • DBM is Deadly Boss Mods, it’s a modular warning system add-on that alerts you to various combat mechanics. http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/deadly-boss-mods

        You’ll also need the Proving Grounds module for DBM. http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/dbm-provinggrounds-mop

        As best I can tell, that’s what you’re referring to. That add-on is what is responsible for the timer bars on the right/middle (“Next Heal Illussion [countdown timer]”), the large Raid Warning in the center (“Heal Illusion Interrupt Now”), and the audio warning tone.

        There are modules for all sorts of content (current and past raids and dungeons, as well as PVP) and I cannot recommend it highly enough, as it is extremely useful. I actually referenced this add-on/module in the video and linked to it in the video description. If this isn’t what you’re referring to, I’ll need a little more description to zero in on it.

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