Stitches Jr

Stitches Jr.

Stitches Jr. an Undead abomination. Veterans may remember Stitches fondly as the hard-hitting elite who used to roam the pathways of Duskwood. Killing him solo at-level was something of a rite of passage. He still appears in a non-elite form as part of the same re-worked quest chain.

Stitches Jr.

Type: Undead (takes extra damage from Critter-type attacks)

HP: 6,097

Power: 441

Speed: 244

Bonus Abilities:

Iron Thread (Ignores attacks that deal less than 500 damage)


Cleave (100% hit chance, 553 damage, split evenly among the enemy team; strong vs. humanoid, weak vs. aquatic)

Enrage (100% hit chance, Increases user’s damage done by 100%, but also damage taken by 50%)

Plagued Claws (100% hit chance, 354-659 damage; strong vs. humanoid, weak vs. aquatic)

Basic Tips:

  • His special ability doesn’t just absorb the first 500 damage like a standard shield. Once you break past the 500-damage threshold, the attack deals full damage.
  • Percent-based attacks (like Life Exchange and Trample) deal big damage because of his huge health pool, especially when coupled with Sunlight (which doubles his HP).
  • Abilities like swarm do not apply their debuff unless they deal damage, although most weather effects (like Moonlight) will still be applied.
  • Try to avoid multi-hit attacks (like Swarm or Flurry) and DoTs (like Swarm of Flies) as these abilities will not hit hard enough to break through his Iron Thread ability unless he has debuffs.
  • Debuffs (such as Howl or Unholy Ascension) and his own Enrage increase his damage taken. Some attacks that would be too weak to hit normally can become buffed up enough to hit him
  • Don’t be caught unaware by his Undead round. The extra round can be devastating if you’re caught flat-footed.
  • Stitches Jr. is pretty slow at 244 speed, but he hits like a truck. Make sure you go first to maximize the number of attacks.


Five Heads are Better Than Three

Apocalypse Eventually

Splash, Splash, Boom

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