PGP Progress

August 23, 2015

So I decided to blow off a little steam in the Proving Grounds, and I made some very nice progress.

Holy Paladin, Holy Priest, and Combat Rogue are now completed through Gold.

That makes 10/11 classes  and 20/35 specs complete.

On the to-do list: level an agility druid, finish off leveling a monk.

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Autopsy Week 2

August 23, 2015

Don’t ask. Just don’t ask.

Positives to take away / Things to keep in mind next week:

  • Although we did have quite a few mistakes, the vast majority of our problem was the worst sort of RNG imaginable. You name it, it screwed us. Sacrifices will be made to appease the RNG gods to prevent a repeat occurrence.
  • For some reason, my healing jewelry didn’t get equipped when I loaded my healing set, which could well explain my mana issues on Bonemaw. I have (hopefully) corrected the problem.
  • We weren’t at our best, so we can pretend this week didn’t happen. Next week we start fresh. We should hopefully all be healthier and better rested then.
  • We owned the crap out of that last run-back through the empty hallway, thanks to my timely use of Heroism.
  • I made a macro to protect Heroism, so I won’t accidentally activate it in an empty hallway again.
  • We’re owning the first half of the instance. Our times for the section before Bonemaw were equal to or near our best.
    • Melee is doing awesome with positioning to avoid cleaves.
    • Overall, we did a much better job about not activating runes/tombs.
    • We’ve found a winner for the best place to use Army. That pull went from being deadly to a cakewalk.
    • The tweak where we CC the 2nd Monstrous Spider seemed to work out well.
  • We just need to tighten up the last little bit and we’re golden. After Bonemaw, there is just the invis run, one trash pull, and Ner’Zhul. With the times we’ve been getting in the front, we can clear Silver easy if we run it as well as we did on our very first attempt in week 1.
  • What had been becoming a tense situation ended up with laughter, joking and friendship. “We are the champions,” indeed. ;)

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Autopsy Week 1

August 16, 2015

Week 1 in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds went well. Much like Iron Docks, our very first run netted us the bronze medal. While we didn’t quite pull off the silver, we were very close, coming in just 4:21 shy of the cutoff.

Positives to take away:

  • Our first run went very well. Just a few tweaks/things to tighten up.
  • We’re doing a pretty good job with trash.
  • We’re doing well with stuns/interrupts and this continues to improve with each run.
  • When we executed to our best, we were flying through with really good times until the one fatal mistake that sunk the run.
  • Another week of completion with bronze time on our first attempt, and with a very close time, to boot.
  • Even falling short of our goal, our time is #75 realm time.

The areas where we have the most room for improvement are:

  • Cleave damage from skeletons on trash packs. Remember to stay behind them.
  • Watch our step. We need to avoid summoning extra adds or taking avoidable damage from runes/graves.
  • On the bridge before Bonemaw:
    • Body slam from the worms. Look for a wide strip of boiling black goo (looks something like defile) to avoid.
    • Plagued Bats. I can’t remove the poison, and am having a hard time healing through the damage (the DoT alone does 15K dps to the tank at 5 stacks). If he’s not already doing so, I will need Venoym to Cleanse Askevar as often as possible while we’re facing bats. If he is already doing that, we may need to take other measures, like managing our stun rotation a little better or maybe use Army.
  • Boss fights. We have a few minor mechanical issues we need to pay closer attention to.
    • Make sure the add doesn’t reach Sadana on first boss.
    • Don’t forget to save offensive CDs until after the Soul Shred phase (when you have a damage buff) on Nhallish.
    • Inhale on Bonemaw. Melee group needs to move to the puddles a little earlier.
    • Rune of Malevolence on Ner’zhul. Ranged group needs to whip around the corner more quickly after wall of bones, and move out of it more quickly.
    • Wall of Bones. We need to get the add down ASAP to give the ranged group time to move through and around the gap. The tank/boss/melee group can trail in at their own pace after.

As with Iron Docks, these minor fixes will add up to significant time savings in the long run. Adding in the invisibility run will also give us a shot at saving time. We don’t need to shave much off to get our goal. We can do this.

We’ll be back in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds next week. Please review the video here:

As per usual, I’m very proud of this group and the work we’re doing. Our first run is a very solid foundation to build on.

P.S. Have a gander at Grimrail Depot (which I cannot seem to stop calling Iron Docks), as well, in case we have extra time. Video here:

Flight at last?

August 15, 2015

There’s a full maintenance session scheduled for next Tuesday. Could the flight patch be dropping at long last?

PGP Progress

August 13, 2015

I’ve been working on the Proving Grounds some more in my spare time, and I have made some small amount of progress on it. Let me just say now that Demonology warlock damage sucks. Big time. OMG, it’s like walking uphill in mud doing anything on that spec. When they broke it, they broke it good. I finally managed silver on it, but I think gold may well be out of my reach. Aside from that, I’m at the point where I need to level up, grab some gear, and/or respec to fill any more holes.

WoW Legion Initial Thoughts

August 9, 2015

I’ve been skimming through the released preview information for World of Warcraft: Legion and these are my initial thoughts.


  • A lot of things (the artifact system in particular) look extremely alt-unfriendly and dual-spec unfriendly. If progressing your artifact is anything like progressing your legendary cloak/ring, there will be an ungodly amount of busy work that makes playing alts more of a chore than a joy.
  • They seem to be relying heavily on the nostalgia factor. This won’t last long, so I hope there’s some actual merit to the content to back it up.
  • They seem to be doing their typical song and dance using weasel words to say nothing about flying. I want hard answers. The handling of flying in WoD was unacceptable. If they intend to repeat the fiasco, I’m seriously uninterested.
  • I don’t like removing options and playstyles from specs (as far as dual-wield vs 2H goes), especially with caster classes. I prefer my mage with a staff, but now he can’t have one if he’s fire? Seriously? What purpose does this serve?
  • The class changes/revamps look like they’re still trying to reinvent the wheel. Now the real reason for breaking demonology warlocks becomes apparent: they’re stealing major class design features for Demon Hunters. Maybe with a little space between Demo warlocks and Demon Hunters we won’t notice the theft.
  • Order Halls sound like garrisons 2.0. I hope the changes/fixes they made are sufficient in scope and scale to take the bad taste out of our mouths. This should be supplemental content, not the bulk of it.


  • If done correctly, it does have potential to be a cool expansion. I hope there are sufficient catch-up mechanics for altoholics and dual-specialists.
  • It looks like there will be more/better attention paid to story and lore. The gameplay is nice, but the story really brings it all together. This was one of the few saving graces for WoD,. Legion looks like it will be even better in this department.
  • The artwork looks to be as brilliant as it has ever been. I am often amazed at just how good the game looks despite the limitations imposed by catering to players with lower-end computers (which I think is a very good idea).
  • Reducing homogenization is a worthy goal. I’m not sure they have taken the best approach to it, but at least it is on their radar.

Overall, I am left feeling reserved about the expansion. This is definitely the least excited I have ever been for an expansion. A large part of this may simply be the lack of trust for Blizzard. After the unmitigated disaster that was WoD, and all of the lying, misdirecting, and otherwise clueless behavior Blizzard has displayed, I have very little faith left in them to deliver a quality product. I may opt-in for the beta, just to get more of an idea of what’s going on. In the meantime, I shall do my best to give it a fair shake.

Iron Docks Autopsy Week 2

August 9, 2015

Week 2 in Iron Docks went well. We got off to a bit of a rough start, but once we settled in we made short work of it.

Positives to take away:

  • 2nd silver completion for our group.
  • 2nd consecutive guild-best time.
  • 2nd consecutive top 100 realm time (#78 Auchindoun, #58 Iron Docks as of this posting).
  • Our adjustments and fixes seem to have made a nice difference.

We’ll be heading into Shadowmoon Burial Grounds next week. We will definitely be doing a dry run on Mythic to get us all on the same page, so be sure to have your lockout available. PLEASE watch the video at least once, preferably more, so that you at least have a general idea of the plan: There may be some variations between my plan and the video, but they shouldn’t be huge.

Once again, we did good work this week and I’m proud of this group.

I apologize for forgetting (again) to finish up the Croman run this week while we had time. By the time I remembered we had already dismissed. I’m sure another opportunity will present itself.


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