Armory Links

Thorium Brotherhood:

ThoBro was my first serious server.

Adumbration {Ad-um-bray-shun} (Worgen Death Knight – Blood/Unholy)

Soulflame (Human Mage – Fire/ Frost)

Paladian  {Pal-ay-dee-un} (Human Paladin  – Ret/Holy)

Salvanya {Sal-vawn-yuh} (Draenei Priest – Shadow/Holy)

Romulusdwolf {Rom-u-lus De-Wolf} (Night Elf Hunter – BM/MM)

Soulmonger (Gnome Warlock – Demo/Demo)

Sneakinstab (Gnome Rogue – Combat/Assassination)

Artemeus {Art-uh-may-us} (Night Elf Druid – Balance/Resto)

Woodhelm (Dwarf Warrior – Protection/Fury)

Devanyal {Dev-an-yal} (Dranei Shaman – Restoration/Elemental)


I decided to have a little bit more fun with names on Staghelm. I also wanted to explore some of the alternate specs that I hadn’t done before. I did end up transferring and faction-switching Adum (previously a dwarf) to get things started.

Adumbration{Ad-um-bray-shun}(Blood Elf Death Knight – Frost/Blood)

Cleaveland (Orc Warrior – Protection/Fury)

Dittany (Troll Druid – Balance/Resto)

Heathen (Blood Elf Priest – Disc/Shadow)

Milkpail (Tauren Paladin – Protection)

Pocketflint (Goblin Mage – Fire)

Shanx (Goblin Rogue – Subtlety)

Spigot (Goblin Shaman – Restoration/Elemental)

Trinidaddy (Troll Hunter – Survival/Beast Mastery)


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