Super Bunny

Pet Roundup: Eleanor

“Super Bunny!”

Eleanor can be a tough nut to crack. Several times while devising this strategy I managed to kill Eleanor once only to lose my last pet to her Undead immunity round(s). Finally I stumbled on to the right timing for Dodge and the strategy really cemented itself after that.

My lineup:

Arctic Hare (s/b) (Flurry, Dodge, Stampede)

Grassland Hopper (s/s) (Skitter, Cocoon Strike, Nature’s Touch)

Bandicoon (s/s) (Tongue Lash, Survival, Powerball)

Note: I mention breed on the pets for this comp because going first is important. Other breeds may or may not work. Check that your speed is higher than Eleanor’s (310).

My Strategy:

Start with the Hare.

  1. Flurry.
  2. Dodge.
  3. Stampede. (Round 1/3)
  4. Stampede. (Round 2/3)
  5. Stampede. (Round 3/3)
  6. Flurry.
  7. Dodge.
  8. Stampede. (Round 1/3) Your bunny will die here.
  9. Bring in your cricket. Skitter.
  10. Skitter.
  11. Cocoon Strike.

That’s all there is to it.

I found that on occasion, Eleanor would get lucky with a crit. She hits hard enough that even one can cause your bunny to die on round 6 instead of 8. When that happened, I did this…

  1. Bring in your cricket. Skitter.
  2. Skitter.
  3. Bring in your raccoon. Tongue Lash.
  4. Tongue Lash.
  5. Survival. (to counter Death Blast)


If Eleanor is getting really lucky on crits you may have to try a 2nd or 3rd time. If that is the case, Lio the Lioness heals pets free of charge, unlike most stable masters (who charge 10s). Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about this, but on the bright side it is extremely unlikely, so it shouldn’t happen often.

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