Cho 2

Lorewalker Cho

His lineup:

Wisdom (Peck, Wild Magic, Rip)

Patience (Broom, Tranquility, Clean-Up)

Knowledge (Tail Sweep, Amplify Magic, Solar Beam)

My lineup:

Emerald Proto-Whelp (Emerald Bite, Emerald Presence, Proto-Strike)

Nether Ray Fry (Tail Sweep)

Flayer Youngling (Blitz, Deflection, Kick)

My Strategy:

Start with the Dragon; he will start with Wisdom. Wisdom always goes Wild Magic, Rip, Peck.

  1. Emerald Presence (keep up)
  2. Emerald Bite until Wisdom dies.
  3. Proto-Strike
  4. Emerald Bite until Proto-Whelp dies.
  5. Swap to Nether Ray

Nether Ray

  1. Tail Sweep until Ray dies.
  2. Swap to Flayer Youngling.
  • Nether Ray felt like dead weight. I really wanted to use Scourged Whelpling, as it would work better in this comp, but I had already used mine on another team. If you have one to spare, replace the Ray.

Flayer Youngling

  • I followed the following priority until Knowledge was dead:
  1. Kick when Amplify Magic is up.
  2. Deflection when Amplify Magic is up and Kick is on CD.
  3. Blitz when Amplify Magic is NOT up, and when nothing else is available.





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