Apocalypse Eventually

Pet Roundup: Stitches Jr.

“Apocalypse Eventually”

Stitches Jr. does some decent sustained damage, especially to your back-row pets.  Healing and damage reduction come in handy against him (moreso than dodge/avoidance type abilities). The biggest obstacle is finding a nuke that will get past his special ability. Well, the insta-kill spell Apocalypse has no trouble with that. It’s just a matter of finding a tank (or tanks) that can survive the 15-round countdown.

My lineup:

Beetle (h/p) (Scratch, Survival, Apocalypse)

Strand Crab (b/b) (Claw, Healing Wave, Shell Shield)

Eternal Strider (p/s) (Water Jet, Healing Rain, Pump)

Note: I don’t know that breed matters, but this is what I used.

My Strategy:

Start with the Beetle.

  1. Apocalypse.
  2. Swap to Crab.
  3. Shell Shield.
  4. Healing Wave on CD.
  5. Pass, Claw, or refresh Shell Shield.*
  6. Repeat until Round 16.
  7. (Round 16) Apocalypse should go off, killing both Stitches and your Crab.
  8. (Round 17) Bring in your Beetle. Survival.

*It doesn’t really matter which you do, as long as you keep Shell Shield up (it lasts for 5 rounds so you don’t really need to spam). Dealing damage before Apocalypse goes off is pointless (Apocalypse will kill him regardless of his remaining HP) and Claw probably won’t deal damage, anyway, so picking Claw or spamming Shield are essentially the same as a Pass.

If your crab somehow dies, swap in your 3rd pet and continue tanking Stitches, using healing and defense as necessary to survive, but this shouldn’t happen.

Otherwise this strategy is very straightforward and simple, almost to the point of being boring. You don’t really need to do anything except make it until round 17 with at least 1 pet alive.


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