Um, so I got trolled by Lore on Twitter today. Lore posted some REALLY bad logic in defense of the invasion XP nerf.

And then goes full-on Troll.

So I point out how terribly flawed the logic is. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a bully.

I’m not sure why Lore couldn’t follow the exact 1-for-1 logic of the analogy, but here it is in simple terms: An entity lowers the compensation for an identical amount of work, but offers additional units of work to “make up” the difference and calls it a raise. That’s 100% the same in both scenarios. Oh, but here’s a shocker: rather than address the actual point, he trolls me, too.

And people honestly wonder why Blizzard is developing a bad reputation with its customers? This is a  guy whose sole job is to interact with players on Blizzard’s behalf and this is his behavior? LOL. Sad.


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