Celestial Tournament – Kiryn 2

Shademaster Kiryn

“Not-So-Sloppy Joes” (Revised)

Author’s Note: Oh what a difference one ability can make. I tried this team again using Sporeling Sprout as the first pet. Thanks to Rectitude’s tip of usingCrouch in slot 3, this team became much more solid and much more stable.

My Lineup:

Sporeling Sprout (Jab, Creeping Fungus, Crouch)

Crimson Shale Hatchling (Leech Life, Sticky Webbing, Stoneskin)

Menagerie Custodian (Overtune, Shock and Awe, Ion Cannon)


Her Lineup:

Nairn (Nairn!, Call of Winter, Giant’s Blood)

Stormoen (Build Turret, Call Lightning, Batter)

Summer (Bite, Dodge, Prowl)

My Strategy:

Start off with your Sporeling Sprout

  1. Use Creeping Fungus.
  2. Use Crouch to coincide with his Nairn! attacks since those are his highest-damage attacks
  3. Refresh Creeping Fungus. If it comes down to letting Fungus fall off or using Crouch to block Nairn! damage, let the DoT fall off.
  4. Jab as filler.
  5. Repeat this priority until Nairn dies.

Against Stormoen:

  1. Use Crouch to reduce the damage from Call Lightning.
  2. Use Creeping Fungus
  3. Jab until your Sprout dies.

Bring in your Shale Hatchling

  1. Use and keep up Stoneskin
  2. Use Leech Life on CD
  3. Use and Keep up Sticky Webbing to double your healing.
  4. Repeat until Stormoen dies (twice).

Against Summer:

  1. Use and keep up Stoneskin. You’ll still want to absorb the turret damage.
  2. Refresh Stoneskin during Summer’s Dodge rounds, since attacks are useless anyway.
  3. Use Leech Life on CD
  4. Use Sticky Webbing as filler
  5. repeat until your Hatchling dies.

Bring in your Menagerie Custodian

Is Summer under the effects of Dodge?

  • Yes: Overtune
  • No: Use Shock & Awe and move down the list.

Is Summer below 1,000HP?

  • Yes: Ion Cannon
  • No: Zap

Basically you’ll only need to make sure that Summer is a) under 1,000 health and also b) not under the effects of Dodge. If those two criteria are met, unleash Ion Cannon for an instant win.


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