Goldbloom 2

Dr. Ion Goldbloom

“Smoke and Mirrors”

His lineup:

Screamer (Lift Off, Feign Death, Alpha Strike)

Trike (Bite, Adrenaline, Horn Attack)

Chaos (Logic, Uncertainty, Instability)

My lineup:

Enchanted Lantern (Beam, Flash, Soul Ward)

Clockwork Rocketbot (Batter, Toxic Smoke, Sticky Grenade)

Scourged Hatchling (Tail Sweep, Death & Decay, Plagued Blood)

My Strategy:

Start with the Lantern.

  1. Soul Ward
  2. Flash
  3. Beam
  4. Beam*
  5. Swap to Rocketbot
  • The key to this phase is to anticipate when Screamer is going to Feign Death and Swap at the same time he does. He seems to do this at 50% health when he loses his flying racial speed bonus, so watch out for crits. If either step 2 or 3 crits, you should probably skip 4.  If he manages to trick you and beats you to the swap, don’t panic, because of its DoTs and delayed nuke, Rocketbot is good for playing from behind.


  • Keep up the following priority until you die. You will probably be stunned at least 1 or 2 times by trample’s “50% chance” to stun. Don’t let it bother you and just stick to the priority list. It’s ok if your bot dies before Trike does, the Sticky Grenade will finish him off.
  1. Sticky Grenade (keep up)
  2. Toxic Smoke (keep up)
  3. Batter
  4. Swap to Scourged Whelpling when Trike dies.

Scourged Whelpling

  • Keep up the following priority until both enemy pets die.  You should be getting ~150 health in healing each round so even if Chaos gets pretty lucky in hitting you, you’ll outlast him.
  1. Death & Decay
  2. Scourged Blood
  3. Tail Sweep
  • You will still have your Lantern as backup if Scourged Whelpling dies before Screamer for some reason, but in all likelihood, you won’t need it (never had to in 3 attempts).

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