Pumped Up

Opening the Menagerie

“Pumped Up”

Carrotus Maximus is an elemental, so he takes extra damage from aquatic attacks. We’ll use this to our advantage by casting a few buffs to beef up our attacks and then wailing away.

My lineup:

Water Strider (h/s) (Water Jet, Cleansing Rain, Soothe)

Water Strider (p/s) (Water Jet, Nature’s Touch, Pump)

Ghaz’Rooki (p/s) (Tail Slap, Swallow You Whole, Whirlpool)

Note: I don’t know that breed matters, but this is what I used.

My Strategy:

Start with the Water Strider that has Soothe.

  1. Soothe
  2. Cleansing Rain
  3. Swap to Water Strider with Pump
  4. Pump
  5. Water Jet. (repeat until you are about to die)
  6. Pump. (unload your big attack just before you die)
  7. Bring in your remaining Water Strider.
  8. Soothe
  9. Cleansing Rain
  10. Bring in your Gahz’rooki
  11. Tail Slap until Carrotus is below 25% (~508 HP)
  12. Swallow You Whole

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