Force of Nature

Pet Roundup: Tirs & Fireo

“Force of Nature”

Tirs & Fireo aren’t too hard, so long as you have a Legs. His magic racial will keep him around long enough to do some pretty decent damage with his aquatic attacks.

My lineup:

Legs (b/b) (Pump, Gravity, Whirlpool)

Ghaz’Rooki (p/s) (Tail Slap, Swallow You Whole, Whirlpool)

Water Strider (p/s) (Water Jet, Nature’s Touch, Pump)

Note: I don’t know that breed matters, but this is what I used.

My Strategy:

Start with the Legs.

  1. Whirlpool.
  2. Pump.
  3. Gravity.
  4. Pump. (This should kill Tirs.)
  5. Whirlpool.* (Your Legs will probably die here or on the next turn. Just leave it in to soak up damage and drop a Whirlpool.)
  6. Gravity.*
  7. Bring in your Water Strider.
  8. Water Jet.
  9. Water Jet. (Your Strider will probably die here. If not, Water Jet again.)
  10. Bring in your Gahz’Rooki. Swallow You Whole.
  11. Swallow You Whole (if needed).

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