VonFeasel Clean Sweep

Daily Quest: Christoph VonFeasel

“Clean Sweep”

Christoph has a unique selection of pets that can cause trouble if not handled quickly. They have a combination of blocks, absorbs, and strong attacks that can counter many of the more basic strategies one would employ against him. That said, a soft counter strategy is enough to handle them.

I kind of had fun with this one. Enchanted Broom is pretty good against Christoph. This one felt kind of sloppy, but actually worked really well. In fact, I ended up only using 2 pets. My poor Menagerie Custodian didn’t get a chance to come in, despite there being only one critical strike in my match.

My lineup:

Enchanted Broom (s/s) (Batter, Sweep, Wind-Up)

Clockwork Rocketbot (h/s) (Missile, Minefield, Sticky Grenade)

Menagerie Custodian (Zap, Shock & Awe, Ion Cannon)

Note: I mention breed on the first two pets for this comp because going first is important. Other breeds may or may not work. Check that your speed is higher than the trainer pet’s. You can use literally any mechanical for the 3rd pet. Otto will be nearly dead between Minefield and Explode.

My Strategy:

Start with the Broom.

  1. Wind-Up.
  2. Batter.
  3. Batter. (It will be absorbed.)
  4. Batter. (It will be absorbed.)
  5. Sweep. (This will bring in Otto.)
  6. Batter.
  7. Swap to the Rocketbot.
  8. Sticky Grenade
  9. Minefield
  10. Swap back to your Broom.
  11. Sweep. (This will bring in Mr. Pointy, triggering Minefield. Sticky Grenade should detonate on Otto.)
  12. Wind-Up. (This should kill Mr. Pointy. He should bring in Syd.)
  13. Batter.
  14. Batter.
  15. Batter. (This will be absorbed. Your broom should die here. Bring in your Rocketbot.)
  16. Missile. (This will be absorbed.)
  17. Minefield.
  18. Missile. (This should kill Syd. This will bring in Otto, triggering Minefield.)
  19. Finish Him!!!*

*For me, Minefield was a critical strike, killing Otto. Assuming Otto survives, finish him off with Missile spam. Incidentally, the 3rd pet was not used, but either Shock & Awe or Ion Cannon work great to finish off wounded beasts if Otto survives and manages to kill your Rocketbot.


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