Howl Bomb

Pet Roundup: Quintessence of Light

“Howl Bomb!”

Quintessence of Light can be frustrating to battle. As a general rule, I consider the Howl Bomb technique to be cheesy and I avoid using it whenever possible. That being said, I have found that it is easily the most reliable strategy for dealing with Quintessence of Light.

My lineup:

Unborn Val’kyr (b/b) (Shadow Slash, Curse of Doom, Unholy Ascension)

Pandaren Water Spirit (h/s) (Water Jet, Whirlpool, Geyser)

Chrominius (h/h) (Arcane Explosion, Howl, Surge of Power)

Note: I don’t know that breed matters, but this is what I used.

My Strategy:

Start with the Val’Kyr

  1. Curse of Doom.
  2. Unholy Ascension.
  3. Bring in your Water Spirit. Geyser.
  4. Whirlpool.
  5. Bring in your Chrominius.
  6. Howl.
  7. Surge of Power.

That’s all there is to it.

This is a slightly modified version of the Howl Bomb. In a more traditional Howl Bomb we would want Curse of Doom, Geyser, and Whirlpool to hit during the same round, and after Howl has gone off. This version makes up for the difference with Unholy Ascension and Surge of Power.

I found that on occasion, Quintessence would get lucky with RNG (either crits, 3 attacks per round, or both). She hits hard enough that this can cause a pet to die before getting off their move(s). I also encountered a bug in which my Val’kyr would sacrifice itself for Unholy Ascension but then not actually die, which throws off the timing for the bombs. If either of these things happen to you just forfeit, grab a free heal from Lio, and try again.

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