Mari 2

Wise Mari Strategy

“More Than Meets the Eye”

This week’s strategy uses (admittedly rare-ish) pets that all have something more than they would first appear. The Skywisp Moth has an unusual moveset that differs from the standard moth arsenal. The Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling has a mixture of Dragon and Mechanical abilities that work well against Spirus while also taking reduced damage from his main attack. The Viscudus Globule has an anti-elemental arsenal in place of the normal ooze moveset while also being a magic pet that takes reduced damage from.


My Lineup:

Skywisp Moth (Slicing Wind, Counterspell, Call Lightning)

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (Breath, Decoy, Thunderbolt)

Viscidus Globule (Acid Touch, Weakness, Creeping Ooze)


His Lineup:

Carpe Diem (Grasp, Cleansing Rain, Dreadful Breath)

Spirus (Arcane Blast, Soul Ward, Healing Wave)

River (Pump, Whirlpool, Dive)


My Strategy:

Wise Mari’s strategy is to use Cleansing Rain and then Dreadful Breath so that your Backline pets are at about half health when they come in. This week we are countering this with a weather-changing pet.

Start with Skywisp Moth

  1. Slicing Wind. We’re faster, so we need to wait to change the weather.
  2. Call Lightning
  3. Counterspell. This applies a stun that wastes a round of Carpe’s attacks.
  4. Slicing Wind until Carpe Diem dies.
  5. Slicing Wind until your Moth drops below 50% health and loses the Flying racial speed buff.
  6. Swap Out

Bring in Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling

  1. Decoy
  2. Thunderbolt (make sure Spirus doesn’t have Soul Ward up)
  3. Breath (as filler)
  4. Repeat until Spirus dies
  5. Swap Out

Bring in your Viscidus Globule

  1. Keep up Creeping Ooze
  2. Keep up Acid Touch
  3. Weakness on CD
  4. Acid Touch as filler

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