Mind-Boggling Stats

So recently I was updating my gaming hardware’s software and I discovered that it tracks usage data for the speedpad. Unfortunately, I don’t have any data for the mouse, but I imagine it’s as high or higher, since I’m a healer who uses click-to-heal addons (i.e. VuhDo).

Anyway, on with the astounding stats. Keep in mind that these stats are tracked for my speedpad, which is only used to play WoW.

This year alone:

  • I have made almost half a million keypresses (492,786).
  • That averages out to about 3,200 keystrokes per day, not accounting for any days off.
  • That’s enough keystrokes to transcribe a 250-page novel.
  • My fingers have traveled about 31,995.67 feet to make those keystrokes.
  • That’s the equivalent to over 7-1/2 MILES of distance.

That’s quite the distance for my little fingers to have roamed without ever moving outside of the little black box that makes up the surface of my speedpad. Anyway, I found these stats to be incredibly interesting, and I hope you did, as well.


2 thoughts on “Mind-Boggling Stats

  1. To Catheral of Tainted Souls:

    I just want to give you a BIG THANK YOU for your videos, because of your videos, I was able to get my 9 classes of toons thru silver proving grounds, I loved your calm approach, no load music, and how you explained things was sooooo helpful to me. I got my last toon thru this morning, my druid feral on the second try. Once again, you are tops!


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