Well, it’s been fun. Mostly.

So, the Legion Development Update was released today, and despite literally hundreds of pages of posts on the forum pointing out what a hot-button issue it is, Ion Hazzikostas has once again dodged the flight question. Since apparently the only kind of customer Blizzard respects is a former one, I’ve gone ahead and cancelled my final account. I won’t be pre-ordering Legion, nor even purchasing it at all unless/until I’m certain that flight will be accessible in a reasonable timeframe. Claiming that it will be unlockable at some future date is an act of faith that Blizzard simply doesn’t deserve. I can’t trust them not to put it off until all content is obsolete in the final content patch of the expansion (like they did in WoD). I can’t even trust them not to leave it out entirely (like they intended to do in WoD until they lost 55% of their players). After having slogged through one ridiculous mess of an expansion on foot for almost a year I simply can not and will not be put through that type of experience again. I don’t care how much good or new content Blizzard claims Legion will have, if I can’t access it on my own terms, I’m not interested in accessing it at all. I want a game, not a guided tour, especially one with so many irrelevant interruptions. #noflynobuy


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