Great Weekend

It’s been a good week and a great weekend.Lots of projects completed or making good progress. I’ve been working hard to shore up my mount and pet collections.

I’ve been soloing old Cata 25H raids to earn some extra gold. I’ve been using this to buy up vendor mounts and reagents for crafted mounts.

On that front, I’ve been grinding out the seals to purchase the mounts from the Argent Tournament. At this point, I’ve gotten 6/9 mounts, including both flyers, and should have the remaining 3 by the end of the week. Huzzah!

I’ve gotten some great new pets, thanks mostly to my awesome sister. I intend to work on finishing off the leveling process for all of my battle pets during the next pet bonus XP event.

I ran a couple toons through some timewalking dungeons and purchased my first vendor mount. I’ve also purchased a couple of the toys. I now have the tokens available to purchase the other vendor mount as soon as the next event rolls around. I still haven’t gotten lucky on the Timereaver drop. So frustrating.

I made quite a bit of progress on leveling up some lowbie pairs with my sister. Between leveling those pairs and running timewalking dungeons together, we’ve been having a blast.

I got to know George and Tarii a bit better as we ran some heroics and timewalking dungeons together. I hadn’t really tanked yet in WoD so it was fun seeing the dungeons from a new perspective. My sister and I had a great time and all of the runs were awesome.

Finally making some progress on that old Shadowmourne quest that’s been in my poor pally’s quest log since Wrath. Toys and mounts, here I come.



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