Proving Grounds Guides

I have completed the Arcane Mage and Guardian Druid guides, and also made a video guide to some popular wow websites that I think will be helpful. I will post all 3 of these from work on Friday.

This leaves just 6 uncompleted silver spec guides. Of these, I have raw footage captured for all 6, so it’s just a matter of adding in the narration, captions, etc. I hope to get these finished and uploaded in the next few weeks. It will feel good to get this done.

Originally I had intended to make gold guides for all 35 specs as well, and even some of the spec-mismatched runs for the “Doing it Wrong” achievement series. Sadly, I’m not sure it would be worth trying it at this point. It’s taken me very nearly a year to finish the silver series and with Legion set to launch in 4-6 months, I’m not sure I could even get them done before launch, let alone in time to have any sort of reasonable window for viewers to attempt the content. While I have learned quite a lot about making videos along the way, and can crank one out much faster than I used to, I only have a little over half of the raw footage recorded (unfortunately I didn’t figure out how to record game footage until I was well on my way with the PGP).

I do, however, intend to make a video guide for my combat-oriented add-ons, and a blooper reel showing some of the funnier moments of my many, many screw-ups while pursuing the proving grounds project. I’ll work on those after I finish up the remaining spec guides.



2 thoughts on “Proving Grounds Guides

  1. i just discovered your videos, and they are wonderful-i am tempted to rerun my toons, just to experience your expertise. tysm

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