CM Autopsy SMBG

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot…

Grats, Braydenn!!!

We went into SMBG on a mission: to kick butts and take names. We may have been too busy kicking butts to worry about the names. This was the only remaining challenge mode that had me at all worried, because it gave us so much trouble with the last group. Man, what a different experience this was. I won’t say it was a completely clean run, but we zipped through with a minimal of trouble. Between a different composition, a different route, and picking up a few new tricks (not to mention good old fashioned experience) we really did a very nice job in our final week.

Congratulations and well done, Angels. Great work. It was a lot of work and a lot of frustration, but mostly a lot of fun.

Here’s the official “All 5 of Us” screenshot to commemorate the occasion:

CM Mounts



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