Iron Docks Prep

We have 3 dungeons left. Our goal this week is to get through 2 (Iron Docks and Auchindoun).

Watch these videos:

Iron Docks:


We will be at Iron Docks first. I’m hoping we’ll get through that one before our midway bio break.

These may be the easier ones but that doesn’t mean we can relax and coast through. A big portion of our problem last week was unpreparedness. Fortunately, we can fix that. Watch my blog for updates. Watch the videos at least once (even if only to refresh your memory). If you don’t remember how we did something last time, ask me. If you don’t know the mechanics, ask me. If you’re confused about something, ask me. There’s no reason that we can’t get both of these down next week if we play to our full potential. We CAN do this, guys.


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