UBRS Autopsy Week 4/ Everbloom Autopsy Week 1

We did it!!! Great work, Angels. We completed our run in perhaps the most Angels way possible. It was a dirty, sloppy, “this’ll never work” type of run, but it got the job done. To think of all the almost-perfect runs we had that ended up way short, it’s amazing that a run like this got us the medal, but hey, we earned it.

Kudos especially to Sheep and Braydenn who managed to finish off Zaela and save the wipe. It was an epic moment. It’s good to have this one under our belts.

After our first quick look at Everbloom it appears that it will be far less troublesome. It looks like it will be far less healing-intensive than UBRS. Our only real issue will be the timer. Between being better-prepared, more focused, and a few tweaks here and there I think our run(s) next week will go much smoother.

We already learned some good info from this run. We learned a few places where can/can’t skip packs, which bosses to use Hero on, and we should all be a little fresher and less nervous next week. That should all help.

I’ve already had the thought that we should drag the big spider down into the boss room and fight it at the same time as the opening spider add gauntlet to save time (just to get the event started). I’m sure we’ll all pick up some more good tips when we watch the video this week.


and the update for 6.1:




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