UBRS Week 3 Autopsy

Week 3 in UBRS  was a long time in coming. It was good to finally have a full night working at it. We made good use of our time.

Things to take away:

  • This was our first full night. Both of our previous nights were shortened by technical difficulties.
  • We finished! Twice. This is a HUGE step in the right direction. Good work.
  • We’re starting to get down the Zaela fight. Almost there.
  • We’re 6:10 from Silver. That’s roughly 1 wipe.

Changes we can make:

  • We need to tighten up on the beginning of the instance. We’ve done it before, so  I know we can do it again. There was probably some rust because of our extended absence.
  • Things we should be sure to hit:
    • Switch to banners in the first hall.
    • Stuns/interrupts throughout.
    • Positioning.
  • We need to make better use of potions. If you pre-pot before each trash pull, it should be available before the next pull on most/all pulls. At the very least we should be able to pot every-other pull.
  • We should also be double-potting on bosses. Potions are a huge boost at the scaled-down gear level, so high uptime on the buff helps immensely. I’ve sent everyone a “gift package” of potions to help out with the cost of this.

Bottom Line: we need to play (slightly) better, not faster. If we buckle down and play cleanly we’ll serve ourselves better than trying to rush. We’re right there, I think we can turn the corner next week. As always, good job, and I’m proud of this group. See you next week.


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