Holy Pally Healing

Some general advice for healing the proving grounds as a holy paladin:

  • Beacon on the tank and the hunter.
  • Stand in melee range and stun/interrupt as often as possible.
  • Use Judgement/Holy Shock as often as possible to build holy power.
  • Spend holy power on Eternal Flame (try to keep it rolling on at least 2, preferably 3 targets).
  • Make sure you have healing gear (trinkets/rings/etc.). Yes, they do make a big difference.
  • Make good use of your cooldowns, even your “Hand of __” spells.
    • Hand of Sacrifice is a nice CD for heavy tank damage.
    • Hand of Protection instantly removes Chomp (but be careful not to HoP the tank).
  • Grab and use a warlock cookie from the soulwell.

2 thoughts on “Holy Pally Healing

  1. sorry for the off topic comment…

    Sorry we had to leave early on Sunday. We went to the doctor today and it turns out that all three of us have strep throat [I have the worst of it] but since we’re on antibiotics we should be good by next week

    • No worries, with our internet doing what it was, there was no point in continuing anyway. I’m sorry to hear that you’re all sick, and I hope that you’ll all feel better soon.

      On our front, we had a technician out to realign the antenna, so hopefully our internet will be more stable this week.

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