Timewalking Woes

Ugh. Remind me never to pug another Timewalking Dungeon. Just… ugh.

It was a painful game of one-upmanship in a total fail contest almost the whole night. After pugging my way through 2 toons (10 runs) with maybe 2 or 3 good runs to show for it, I am just so done.

The hunter pulls an extra pack (or 2 or 3) and we wipe? “C’mon heals.”

The hunter does it again and we wipe. Again. “C’mon heals.”

People standing in the purple mojo and die? “C’mon heals.”

Nobody interrupts the spellflingers and we wipe? “C’mon heals.”

Tank pulls before I get there and dies? “C’mon heals.”

Tank doesn’t know how to play his class? “C’mon heals.”

Tank pulls while at half health and we’re still buffing? “C’mon heals.”

Hunter *TAUNTS* and gets one-shotted? “C’mon heals.”

Tank stands in the avoidable cone and takes 110% of his health in damage? “C’mon heals.”

Same tank gets rezzed and dies to the same thing again. “C’mon heals.”

Same tank gets rezzed yet again and dies to the same ability a 3rd time? “C’mon heals.”

Nobody uses the boulder to LoS and reset cold stacks on Garfrost? “C’mon heals.”

You name it, they failed at it, yet somehow it was all my fault. On behalf of competent healers everywhere I would like to give a nice hearty “Fuck You” to all of you. L2P or L2STFU. I don’t care which. Being bad and rude about it is not an acceptable option.


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