UBRS Week 1 Autopsy

Ok, week 1 in UBRS  was a bit frustrating, but there is a whole lot we can take away from the experience.

Things to take away:

  • We might need to CC on the pull immediately following boss 3 (Tharbek).
  • The trash pulls are going pretty well, overall.
  • We only let one sentry cannon become armed. Good work on that.We lost some time to hardware failures that shouldn’t happen again (knock on wood), so we should make up time from that.
  • We know which mobs we’re pulling and where, so we should make up a little time on familiarity.We can probably skip 1 or 2 more packs if needed for time.
  • All of that said, our biggest problem isn’t going to be getting through the front of the instance, but beating Zaela promptly.
  • We need to clean up the boss fights a little bit, but mostly the last boss.
    • Boss 1: We need to make sure we accurately time our jumps into the pit and have our defensive CD and potions at the ready to survive.
    • Boss 4: We need to do a better job of keeping a path clear of the lava pools. We could do a slightly better job of avoiding the breath. Otherwise, we’re good.
    • Boss 5: This is going to be the make-or-break boss of the instance. Unfortunate that she should come last. We need to tighten up our execution quite a bit on this fight.
  • Up until Zaela, most of our problems were not with failing mechanics, but rather with equipment failures. With any luck, it won’t be raining next weekend so our connection will be better and also Venoym will have time to have sorted out his hard drive troubles.
  • Although we didn’t finish, we were short on the timer as it was, with only 2 hours to work with and all the time we lost to various computer issues. We may have finished if the stars hadn’t aligned against us.
  • We were making steady progress on Zaela before we had to call it for the night. Once we have that sorted out, we should be good.

On the whole, it certainly could have gone better, but I am cautiously optimistic that next week’s run will be smoother. We had very few wipes pre-Zaela, and we are making progress on Zaela’s mechanics. I hate to say it, but she may just be a “wipe until we learn it” boss. I’ll keep poking around and see if we can’t find something to help us out on that. At any rate, good work, and we’ll see you next week.



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