UBRS Prep Updates

I’ve been pouring over videos and I have formulated a rough strategy that I think will put us in good shape. I have made this strategy into a PDF guide. I tried to be brief, but it’s still 9 pages (sorry for the length), although that does include several diagrams. If any part of it is unclear or if you notice any errors, let me know.

This is a long instance and a long timer. We won’t have many attempts, so efficiency is key if we want to finish in one week. We should have plenty of time to plan and execute things correctly, so there’s no need to rush or be overly aggressive. Unlike Slag Mines, the timer should be generous enough to allow us a few wipes so we don’t need a perfect run to beat the clock.

That said, the cleaner we pull, the better off we will be. We have plenty of time to spend, but not much to waste, so it’s better to take a few extra seconds and do it right than to spend 2-3 minutes recovering from a wipe because we rushed or played sloppily.

In the unfortunate event of a wipe, the first and only checkpoint is the 3rd boss room (the pit with the trash gauntlet), which activates after you have killed Thorbek.

Our initial plan does not include any invisibility runs, so use your potions freely. If we need to add an invisibility run somewhere during adjustments I will let you know when/where it will be so you can use potions accordingly.

Upper Blackrock Spire

Finally, don’t forget that our run is for only 2 hours and on Sunday.


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