Up next week is Upper Blackrock Spire (UBRS).

Video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6KxYiVYgOw&index=4&list=PL3MjCwtRzxUsFUVghgmYquoBRV2_QziZo

Things you should pay attention to in the video:

  • Overall strategy (route to take, etc.).
  • Mob types and strategies (abilities to avoid, interrupt, etc.)
  • Boss abilities and counters (positioning, interrupts, etc.)

Things you can safely ignore:

  • Pacing (we won’t be pulling multiple packs)
  • Invisibility runs (shouldn’t be needed)

It’s a long dungeon, but we have a long time to complete it (43:00 for silver)

More updates to come as I get a chance to watch some more vids and formulate a rough strategy.


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