Bloodmaul Slag Mines Autopsy

Week 1 in Bloodmaul went pretty well. Once again our first run gave us a bronze timer. We had a whole lot of adjustments to make to get to silver and we made them admirably. If not for an unfortunate DC we most likely would have had Silver on our first night, as well. Thanks to everyone for coming back in on Sunday to finish up.


Things to take away:

      • This is the second time we finished a CM in 1 week, but maybe we should call this one 1-1/2.
      • We finished a Bronze run on our 1st attempt.
      • We finished our Silver run on our first pull of our 2nd night.
      • Our silver time put us at #76 realm time.
      • This was a beautiful run, and though we had a couple deaths, there were NO WIPES.
      • We shattered our previous best time, shaving off approximately 6 minutes from the time the run ruined by the DC would have been.

Overall, once again it was a nice weekend. Good attempts, good adjustments. Great work, everyone, I’m more proud of this group than ever.


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