Well that was fun

I’m back at home after nearly 2 weeks of wonderful. I need to take vacations more often because that was just amazing.

Anyway, WoW stuff. I took advantage of the break in playing WoW to read up and watch videos on the upcoming changes in WoW for the Legion expansion. Let me preface the following tirade by saying that I understand the need to make some changes at times. If it serves some purpose, either to address a problem or to keep things from going stale, then a change is necessary. However, those sorts of changes should be small in scope, and would be more palatable if they occurred incrementally rather than all at once.

That said, Blizzard’s insistence on reinventing the wheel with the release of every expansion drives me absolutely bonkers. Every time they announce a new expansion, part of me cringes because I know I will have to completely relearn at least one of the classes. They always pick at least once spec or class and change it so abruptly and so deeply that it’s basically a new class. They just can’t help themselves. Blizzard just did this to literally all of the classes with the “pruning” and “consolidation” changes they did at the end of MoP in preparation for WoD. I had to relearn rotations for all 35 specs, because everything got jumbled around so much with spells becoming passive or being removed altogether. Now they’re doing it again. I just don’t know how much more effort I’m willing to sink into this game. Just… ugh, Blizzard. Give a guy a break.

On the one hand, lots of the systems changes look fantastic. The transmog system is everything I hoped it would be and more. The new tri-/quad-spec system is something I’ve been wanting for a long time (although I think it could still be improved). The artifact weapons systems looks to have great potential as a form of personal end-game progression. the descriptions of the class halls looks like a step in the right direction. The increasing separation between PVE and PVP is not only a great idea, but it seems like they picked a good way to do it. Finally, extra levels, extra character slots, and new dungeons/raids are always a welcome addition to the game.

On the other hand, the scope of the class changes is enormous and they go in both directions. We will be gaining a lot of new stuff: new/revamped secondary resource systems, new spells, new class identities/lore. Simultaneously, we will be losing just as much in the realms of familiar stories and familiar gameplay (weapon choices/playstyles gone, personalization gone; your “fantasy” will be what Blizzard wants it to be. Period.).


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