Legion Transmog Hopes

I’ve been enjoying some lazy days in wow this week and I’ve decided to fill some of that spare time with transmog concerns. I’ve made a few updates to the transmog gallery already, with many more to come soon (TM).

All of this transmogging has gotten me thinking about the upcoming changes to the transmog system in Legion. As far as I’ve seen and heard, Blizzard has been skimpy on the details of exactly what changes are coming, but here a few features I am hoping will make it into the system.

  1. Account-Wide Transmog: The Diablo system works such that once you unlock an appearance on any character, all characters have access to that model for transmogrification. This would be great for so many reason, not least of which is to “recover” lost item appearances. Already did that low-level quest and vendored the item (before transmog was even a thing)? No worries, do that quest again on an alt and voila! You have access to your piece.
  2. Item-Free Transmog: Another great thing about the Diablo system is that once it’s unlocked, it’s unlocked forever: you do not need to keep the item or have it in your inventory. Wow needs this so much. My bank and void storage are chocked full of transmog items. Heck, I have an entire vanity guild dedicated to storing likely transmog pieces and it’s 6-tab guild bank is bursting at the seams. Converting all of those items into a simple User Interface would be very welcomed.
  3. Transmog Sets: I’m hoping to have a true transmog set system, such that you can set up a complete transmog set as what you wish your appearance to be and transmog the entire set at once (no need to transmog items individually for each item slot). Even if it takes a bit of set-up to get the sets ready, once you do it, the one-click transmogging would be so handy.
  4. Spec-Specific Transmog:I would love to have the option to have a different transmog set for each spec. It wasn’t such a big deal to do this before, but now that we share gear between specs, I’d like the option to change appearance based on spec. For example, I may want my paladin to look tougher/dirtier in Protection spec and cleaner/shinier in Holy. It would be wonderful to have a unique look for each of your specs and have that look show up automatically when you swap specs.
  5. More Illusions: There are still plenty of unique weapon glows from enchants that Blizz hasn’t implemented into the Illusions system. I see no reason we shouldn’t have access to them all.

I love transmog, I  really do, but it feels like we’re just scratching the surface of what we can do with it. Any thoughts or ideas that you guys would like to see in the new transmog system?


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