Proving Grounds Project Update

I’m making good progress on my proving grounds project. I have now completed at least one spec on all 11 classes. I have completed silver on 23/35 specs and gold on 22/35, with Demonology Warlock being the lone holdout in that bunch.

I will start working on filling out the gaps in the remaining 13 specs as soon as I am able. I have started an agility druid, but he is very low, yet, so that leaves 2 holes. I plan to convert my old Elemental Shaman on ThoBro into Enhance to fill in this gap, so that’s another. He’s level 95, so it shouldn’t take long to finish him off when I get a chance. Of the 10 remaining, the mage, rogue (x2), hunter, warrior (x2), death knight, and warlock are just a matter of picking up the spec and doing it. Meanwhile the monk will need a little gear before I can do the healing spec, ditto with the paladin ret spec.

I may actually manage to finish the project this time around. 🙂


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