Grimrail Depot Week 3 Autopsy

Ok, week 3 in Grimrail Depot gave us our victory. Well done, team!

Things to take away:

  • It wasn’t our cleanest run, but somehow we eked it out. Seriously, of all our runs, I think this may have been our dirtiest, messiest, most skin-of-our-teeth run. How the heck did this one get us the medal?
  • Who cares? It totally counts!
  • Our time put us at #79 realm time.
  • For the first time our time was not guild best (but oh well).
  • We seemed more focused coming back from our bio break. We may start taking shorter ones more frequently. I haven’t decided.
  • We did a great job of picking up the pace in the last few minutes.
  • Our boss time on the last boss was a new best, which was the difference between silver and bronze.
  • We did a great job of recovering from wipes/near wipes, which played a major factor.

As always, I am proud of the work we did this week, and finishing dungeon 4/8 is a good milestone.

Next up is Skyreach. Video for next week:

I’ll post a more comprehensive/detailed list as I study up a bit more, but first appearances suggest there are some things to focus on as we watch the video:

  • Target priorities/switching/interrupts: Many mobs do heals or deadly mechanics.
  • Lots of ground zones to watch out for.
  • Personal Defensive CDs/healing tonics. If Mythic is anything to judge by I won’t be able to heal through the 2nd boss without a bit of help.
  • Mechanics, mechanics, mechanics.

3 thoughts on “Grimrail Depot Week 3 Autopsy

  1. as he said, once we figure out the priorities without having to think about it, I think the trash will be pretty smooth. The bosses make me nervous… especially 2 and 3

    • Yeah, I agree. I never got around to posting an updated list, but the 2nd boss, especially has me nervous. We have lots of options for both trash and bosses, so we’ll just see how everything works out for us. If we follow true to form, we’ll figure out some bizarre, never-before-attempted strategy that somehow works for our group, anyway.

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