Grimrail Depot Week 2 Autopsy

Ok, week 2 in Grimrail Depot went much better. We learned a few more things and are in very good position for next week.

Things to take away:

  • The trash is still coming off pretty easy. The buggy mob that drops agro is still annoying but nothing else seems to be troublesome. If anything, there are several places that we could probably be a little more aggressive with trash pulls.
  • We do still need to clean up the boss fights, but we’re doing much better this time around.
    • Boss 1: We did a much better job of avoiding the avoidable damage, and the boss death synching was beautiful.
    • Boss 2: We still need to clean things up a bit, but we all did better this week as a whole than any of our pulls last week. I think our quirky 2-tank strategy and having me pick up grenades made a big difference.
    • Boss 3: Still not giving us trouble.
  • AoE stealth at the beginning was a good tweak, we’ll keep that in place. Don’t forget that Cloak leaves your potions CD intact so don’t forget to use them on the first boss.
  • Having everyone eat while I drink was a good tweak, I think it saved us a few seconds. Just count on having to eat to full health after every boss or any touch-and-go trash pull.
  • We spent about an hour and a half on CM last week and did not finish. This week we spent about 2 hours and finished twice.
  • We got our first bronze completion, only 5:45 away from silver time.
  • We cut our time almost in half, from ~59 minutes to ~31 minutes between our first and second completions. That’s a big improvement.

Overall, we’re very close, we just need to tweak things here and there and tighten things up a little bit. This really doesn’t look be to another Shadowmoon Burial Grounds. We’ve turned the corner, we just need to fine-tune it and we’re all set. Good work, everyone, I’m sure we’ll get it next week.


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