Grimrail Depot Week 1 Autopsy

Ok, week 1 in Grimrail could have gone better, but it wasn’t a total loss. We learned a bit, and we’re not in a terrible place, overall.

Things to take away:

  • The trash is being far less troublesome than I expected. The only real trouble is the buggy mob that drops agro.
  • We need to clean up the boss fights.
    • Boss 1: A lot of avoidable damage is still going out and we need to close the gap between the boss deaths. Healing 20+ seconds of enrage is asking a lot of me.
    • Boss 2: We need to handle adds better and make better use of the items  they drop. Those two are related. The more efficiently we use the items, the quicker they die.
  • Overall, this looks like it might give us less trouble than Shadowmoon Burial Grounds did. There are fewer and simpler mechanics, we just need to perfect them and we should be golden.


I’ve made a few decisions moving forward. We won’t be doing mythic modes, anymore, they just aren’t helpful enough. We still have to do an “ignore the timer” challenge mode run and that run always teaches us more. If anything, I think the Mythic run may be giving us an unrealistic view of how cleanly we need to do the mechanics because not being scaled down allows us to get away with a lot more mistakes.

Also, we’re going to switch to skipping the trash at the beginning instead of in the train. Shifting the invis run forward seemed to work out better last time in that it gives us extra time and extra tries on the boss(es) we’re having the most trouble with. The other advantage to skipping the beginning is that we can make use of Tall’s AoE stealth and not affect our potion CDs.

Finally, we’ll still be pulling one trash pack back, but we won’t be moving the double-gunner pack anymore. Moving the first pack of car 2 seemed to work out, but the double gunner pack didn’t.


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