Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Autopsy

With Shadowmoon Burial Grounds week… 6? 7? … I don’t know, I’ve lost track. (Ok, I looked it up. 6 weeks, but we didn’t have a chance to run on 2 of those, so I guess that works out to week 4.) Anyway, with this week in the history books, we finally managed to sneak away with a win… and it was EPIC!

On the final pull of the night, we finally managed to just bring everything together. It was beautiful. Everyone was so happy and excited (and relieved) when Ner’Zhul finally bit the dust and we got our achievements.

Positives to take away from this week:

  • We never have to go back there again. ‘Nuff said.

Okay, seriously, though, great work, everyone.

Up next week is Grimrail Depot. Please be sure to watch the video. We’ll be running it on Mythic to get on the same page. Video here:


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