Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Autopsy Week 2

Don’t ask. Just don’t ask.

Positives to take away / Things to keep in mind next week:

  • Although we did have quite a few mistakes, the vast majority of our problem was the worst sort of RNG imaginable. You name it, it screwed us. Sacrifices will be made to appease the RNG gods to prevent a repeat occurrence.
  • For some reason, my healing jewelry didn’t get equipped when I loaded my healing set, which could well explain my mana issues on Bonemaw. I have (hopefully) corrected the problem.
  • We weren’t at our best, so we can pretend this week didn’t happen. Next week we start fresh. We should hopefully all be healthier and better rested then.
  • We owned the crap out of that last run-back through the empty hallway, thanks to my timely use of Heroism.
  • I made a macro to protect Heroism, so I won’t accidentally activate it in an empty hallway again.
  • We’re owning the first half of the instance. Our times for the section before Bonemaw were equal to or near our best.
    • Melee is doing awesome with positioning to avoid cleaves.
    • Overall, we did a much better job about not activating runes/tombs.
    • We’ve found a winner for the best place to use Army. That pull went from being deadly to a cakewalk.
    • The tweak where we CC the 2nd Monstrous Spider seemed to work out well.
  • We just need to tighten up the last little bit and we’re golden. After Bonemaw, there is just the invis run, one trash pull, and Ner’Zhul. With the times we’ve been getting in the front, we can clear Silver easy if we run it as well as we did on our very first attempt in week 1.
  • What had been becoming a tense situation ended up with laughter, joking and friendship. “We are the champions,” indeed. 😉

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